A Crisis in Photography?

GCSE Photography

There is a (allegedly) Chinese curse; ’May you live in interesting times’. For many people    involved in photography, particularly people trying to make a living out of it, these are  indeed interesting times!

Photography is going through immense changes and the figures to support these changes are simply staggering. By November 2011, an estimated 100 billion photographs had been shared by social network sites, and by April 2012 Facebook users alone were posting photographs at the rate of 300 million a day!

These are numbers so vast that they are meaningless. We live in a world saturated with   images. Through sheer weight of numbers nearly every conceivable photograph has been   already been taken, and often taken very well.

At the same time, however, the level of photographic literacy and technical knowledge within the picture taking public  continues to fall. Not only do people not need much  technical expertise to take…

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